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Rook Floro, an artist and creative director, explores the complexities of identity through his multimedia art and advertising campaigns. His work captures the ever-evolving sense of self with a personal touch that resonates with viewers and consumers alike.


Floro's artistry comes alive through four alter egos: Flux, Corvus, Blastard, and Alpha/Omega, each representing different elements of his persona and life experiences. Flux is the desire for perfection, Corvus embodies his growing anxieties and introversion, Blastard expresses his joy and extroversion in vivid colors, while Alpha/Omega navigates his Filipino and Thai heritage, seeking cultural harmony.


These alter egos serve as thematic focal points for his paintings, sculptures, installations, films, and performances with his signature use of glue guns. They allow Floro to engage deeply with themes of self-discovery and identity fluidity, drawing from both personal and societal influences. His dual role as an artist and advertiser enables him to craft compelling narratives that explore the rich tapestry of human emotion and identity.

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